New York Rangers Sign Derek Boogaard to a 4-year, $6.5M Contract

July 01, 2010

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Jeff Ponder

New York Rangers Sign Derek Boogaard to a 4-year, $6.5M Contract

The boys in blue found a way to get even meaner on Thursday.

On a team that already sends out Sean Avery, Brandon Prust and Aaron Voros every night, the Rangers went after one of the toughest guys in the league.  Boogaard, after being involved in many rumors of him heading to the Detroit Red Wings, gladly accepted a big contract for a big man (6'8” 257 lbs.). 

After scoring four assists and 107 penalty minutes in 57 games played last season for the Minnesota Wild, Boogaard will be happy to earn his money when playing sparingly.  The slow-footed Saskatoon native will probably see a lot of time riding the bench since the Rangers' roster is stacked with players who are tough but can still skate with a lot of talent in the league. 

This deal definitely is a victory for Boogaard and his agent; the Rangers did not need him on their team.  What the Rangers should have been worrying about to start the free-agent period was goal-scoring.  They ranked 16th in the league in goals per game (2.67) last season, which is not too shabby unless you want to consider they were just one goal away from making the NHL playoffs.  Boogaard's 2 career goals will do nothing to improve those totals.

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