Uh Oh, Skettio's!

January 17, 2010

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Goon Squad

Uh Oh, Skettio's!

Officiating has become so intolerable that one general manager filed a protest in a league that doesn't allow protests and several coaches have talked about reading the rulebook again to see if it had changed.

Bettman has put out many fires in his time as NHL commissioner.

On Tuesday, with the Burrows allegations, it was just a spark – and now smoke can be seen coming from Detroit.

NHL rules state that if a call on the ice is to be overturned there must be substantial video evidence to back up overturning a call. 

In this case there was none whatsover--just the word of Mike Leggo, the trailing official who claims he saw what no video camera could--the puck crossing the goal line.

What is the point of having video replay if it's not going to be used for it's intended purpose?

With two teams battling for a very important extra point, assuming the puck crossed the line and going against standard practice, which is substantial video evidence, is absurd. Yet, for the second time in a few days, we have an officiating controversy.

Maybe the call was correct, but the point is that we cannot assume a puck crossed the line.

It was an injustice to the Red Wings, who for the second time this season have been on the wrong end of, plainly stated, an incorrect call.

Coincidentally or not, both games were against Dallas:

I do support the instant replay and getting the call right; but if the replay can't show it, one official who is eighty feet away should not be able to determine a point in the standings, especially when the official who is two feet away in correct position very emphatically said the goal was no good. 

I'm sure hope that the Wings GM Ken Holland will have something to say about this at the next GMs meeting.

I think the officials need a meeting too, especially after the last few days, to set the record straight and get back to making the correct calls.

The officiating in the NHL this season is an absolute nightmare.

Worse than head shots.

Worse than concussions.

Worse than bankruptcies in unsuitable non-traditional markets.

Worse, dare I say, even than Jim 'The Ballsack' Balsillie's unwanted overtures to join the club.

When Alex Burrows opened his mouth Tuesday night in the aftermath of a 3-2 Vancouver Canucks' loss to the Nashville Predators to complain about the work of referee Stephane Auger, he said what a lot of people have been thinking for a lot of years: That NHL referees do hold grudges; they do carry out vendettas; and they can affect the outcome of games with their calls.

The third point is perfectly fine by the way, provided a referee's erroneous call is simply an honest mistake.

Look, I understand missing a call every now and then, but really?

This is one of the worst phantom calls I have ever seen!

It's amazing this guy still has his job!

As a fan of the NHL, with concerns for the integrity of the game, I want to see him lose it!

(Or have him officiate the games in Phoenix only, – no one even goes to those games anyways.)

It’s like that old saying goes, "if a bad call is made in an empty arena, does anyone notice?"

Integrity is the bench mark of what the NHL sells – the notion that any team on any given night can win, fairly and squarely.

If that perception ever falters – and suspicion arises that forces beyond the players on the ice are dictating the outcome – it would undermine the industry in a major way.

Just about everybody can remember back to a game in which a referee appeared to have it in for a player – in which he was unduly singled out for committing a series of phantom infractions, but this douchetard doesn't even seem to hide it.

So, now that the cat is outta the bag, a deeper investigation will have to follow.

It will need to be conducted with the highest levels of transparency, given how damaging the Burrows allegations were, and the clear video proof that Detroit was robbed. Again.

Auger was a part of the officiating team that disallowed a Red Wings goal that clearly should have been allowed earlier this season, (see above video) and a few seasons back he gave Coyotes captain Shane Doan a 10 minute misconduct when a linesman accused Doan of saying slurs about Auger (Auger is French-Canadian), which Doan denies ever occurred.

Yes, a linesmen played "he said - she said" and a player was penalized for it.

Why not just slap orange arm bands on the linesmen too?

Maybe then the 'Four Horsemen' can properly police the ice and make the correct calls without the need for video reviews that obviously aren't working out to well anyways....

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